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haskel and buTech
HASKEL International has over 60 years of pneumatic & hydraulic experience. Their products are renowned for superior quality.. Haskel International offers a comprehensive range of pneumatic driven liquid pumps, air amplifiers, pneumatic and hydraulic driven gas boosters, and accessories. Haskel pumps operates on pneumatic operations and requires no electrical system. Pressure range up to 100,000 psi for liquid pump & 39,000 psi for gas boosters.
BUTECH, one of the leading brands for high pressure valves, fittings & tubing. With over 40 years of experience, BuTech offers fittings and instruments with a pressure range of 150,000psi. BuTech instruments can be found in oil & gas , marine, aerospace, water jetting / blasting chemical, petrochemical and other industries. Fitting and valve pressure range up to 150,000psi for needle & check valves.
Needle Valve:
High pressure needle valve goes as high as 150,000psi (10,340bar).with connections sizes up to 1” & Temperature withstanding from -423° to +1200°F (-253° to +648°C).
Ball Valve:
High pressure ball valves goes as high as 20,000psi (1,380bar).with connections sizes up to 9/16” @ 22°C (72°F).
Check Valve:
Check valves pressure goes as high as 200,000psi (6,980bar) for -18°C (0°F) - 600°C (315°F). Connection sizes of up to 1”.
Fittings (Elbows, Tees, Crosses, Bulkheads & Etc):
Fittings are manufactured using stainless steel 316. Connection sizes of up to 1”. Sour gas & subsea service fittings available. See subsea or sour gas sub-folder or contact us for more information.
Couplings & Adaptors:
A complete collection of adapters and couplings to fit different types of connections and pressure ratings of tubing and pipe base on your requirements.
Relief Valve:
High pressure relief valve with design pressure which goes as high as 20,000psi (1,380bar).
Tubing & Nipple:
High pressure nipples with ready coned heads which goes as high as 150,000psi (10,340bar) of sizes up to 1” available as well.
Double Block & Bleed Valve:
A space saving valve which eliminate the need for a large multi valve system. Available pressure ratings up to 20Kpsi (1,380bar). @ 22°C (72°F).
Tools & Accessories:
High pressure nipples with ready coned heads which goes as high as 150,000psi (10,340bar) of sizes up to 1” available as well.
Sour Gas Equipment:
BuTech offers a wide range of sour gas products like Needle Valves, Adaptors, Fittings, Tubings & Etc. Pressure rating goes as high as 30Kpsi (2000Bar).
Subsea Equipment:
BuTech subsea equipment has been tested to 14,000 feet (Approx, 4200m) deep. These equipments like Wellhead Gauge Valves & Etc are manufactured to meet the requirement NACE MR-0-75, API Specs. 6A & 17D.