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In an industry that is constantly evolving, we have been provided high-pressure gas and liquid transfer and pressurization solutions like gas cylinder charging systems to aircraft manufacturers and airports.
-  Customized Component Pressure Test Equipment
-  Gas Booster System
-  Mixed Gas Cylinder Charging System
Automation & Manufacturing Plant
With the expertise and equipment which we carries, we are always constantly looking out and providing solutions in the automation & manufacturing plants for our clients where requirements are getting more demanding.
- Control Panels
- Test Bench For PSV & Hoses
- Air Cylinders
- Pilot Operated & Electrical Directional Control Valves
- High Pressure Testing Bay
- Vacuum Equipment
Fluid Control
We have provided our clients with proven and innovative fluid control solutions thanks to our experience gained over the years in handling of both high-pressure applications and challenging medias.
- High Pressure Testing Unit
- Hydraulic Power Pack
- Crimping
- Hi-Lo Systems
- Heavy Lifting Equipment (E.g. Cylinders,
  Jacking Systems, Hand Pump & etc)
- Customized High Pressure Testing System
- Transferring & Pre-Filling
- Directional Control Valves
Clean Room & Semiconductor
We also have a wide range of equipment capable of handling air/gas which can be customized with specific materials and/or designed for client’s needs base on pressure and flow requirements.
- Air Amplifier System
- Air Dryer Package
- Customized Gas Flow Bench
- Pressure Vessel
- Systems For High Pressure Washing of
  Semiconductors & Silicon Chips
Marine / Oil and Gas
The products we carry are able to meet offshore and onshore requirements. Our reputation for quality and reliability makes TKH Engineering Pte Ltd as one of the leading choices for customers in the industry.
- Flushing Unit
- SCSSV Tester
- BOP Tester
- HPUs
- Portable N2 Charging System
- Customized Testing Units With Data Logging
- Gas Transfer Unit
- Torque Wrench Tools
- Bolt Tensioners
- Multipliers
Other Industries
Other than the above mentioned industries, TKH Engineering Pte Ltd also caters for other industries like the Military, Diving, Research Labs, Automotive and other industries.
- Natural Gas Vehicle Fueling Systems
- Flow Control Units
- Mast Height Extension Control Panel
- Oxygen Gas Booster System
- Accumulator Charging
- Moulding & Clamping